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... on crack
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17th-Mar-2008 03:24 am - Clearly being productive
Why? Because I feel the need for macros, and yes, it is 3:30 am, and I have an exam at 5pm and an an assignment due at 2:30 PM and am not finished either. Clearly I am not sane.

I apologize for the fail in advance.

+8Collapse )

edit +1 I couldn't help it!Collapse )

Dedicated to overlysmitten who will probably scold me for not studying/bsing my ass off, but she'll love me anyway ^o^v. srry for the not henry post yet since my brain is broked.
2nd-Mar-2008 11:07 am - Maybe fail? maybe not?
Dedicated to overlysmitten. I apologize in advance for the fail.

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2nd-Mar-2008 12:04 am - Moar Fans?
Dedicated to overlysmitten because she demandedtold me to make some Big Bang ones. So, I was going through the bajillion pages of the big bang thread for pics, and am not halfway through yet, and didn't want her to keep demandingwaiting for them =D. I did these in 2 mins literally, I apologize for teh fail.

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28th-Feb-2008 11:28 am - 1st post to kpop_macros
Hey guys, I've been stalking this comm for a bit and decided that more macros are needed, and decided to take matters into my own hands lol. Its my first time so prz to be kind to me.

Prepare for massive fail! (+10)Collapse )
TITLE: What isn't up his ass?
GENRE: Humor, Cracky
CHARACTERS: KiChul Smidgens of KangTeuk, YehWook, KyuMin, Ninja JayChul, HoRella, SiChul and HanChul
SUMMARY: Heechul's slaves are gone... well... maybe except for Kibum.
A/N: Dedicated to overlysmitten  just because she said so.

D= LJ hates me.

Kibum is the devil, don’t mess with him.Collapse )
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